Would you support the Empire?

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Alot of people are upset with Wikileaks for releasing information injurious to the interests of the US:  human rights abuses in Iraq, the quagmire in Afghanistan, hanging our diplomatic dirty laundry for all to see.   While I am a patriot–I wish the best for the US, our government is so large, so corrupt, so secretive that this kind of exposure is good for us.  It’s as if you or I were a closet junkie or kleptomaniac or something, and someone “outs” you.  It hurts, but it exposes the problem.   Whatever happened to “we the people”?  Secrecy, war, corruption–is that what we stand for?  Is that what we want to fight to protect?  I don’t think so.   Nationalism says “my country right or wrong”.  The patriot says we need to be checked, we need to be called out on our shit, we need an intervention.  So I say “God bless Julian Assange”.  Thanks, you gadfly.  Long live freedom of speech, power to the people, live free or die!  Fuck Mastercard, Fuck Amazon, Fuck Joe Lieberman, and everyone else that seeks to control what you see, hear, say, or believe.  Remember people:  they don’t give a DAMN about you.  They would just as soon take everything you got for their own selfish ends.  THEY HAVE NO HUMANITY.   RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE.


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