“No refusal” DUI checkpoints

January 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

Nice.  I love being safe!   They don’t just demand your papers, they demand your blood! 

I have a theory.  See the history of animals in this country and you see the future of humanity.   Animals used to be wild, free.  Then the useful ones were domesticated, the non-useful ones eliminated.  The domestication became more and more constricted–from pastures to cages.  Every aspect of a factory-farmed animal is now completely controlled, monitored.  Take a look at our civil liberties, and you will see them going through the same process.  Your future looks bleak, you dumb sheeple.   Baaaa……


§ 2 Responses to “No refusal” DUI checkpoints

  • neurojunky says:

    Astute observations, my friend. You are indeed a champion of freedom. Keep it up.

  • michellefrommadison says:

    While the intent of this Law may sound appealing to those not well educated on Law, I suspect it will only increase the numbers of patrol officers that will be now attacked, harmed, or killed as a direct result of this ridiculous new enforcement effort.

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