January 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Free people resist oppression and tyranny.  Thats why we are fed processed junk food, brainwashed by television, and poisoned in our water supply.   Just look at the financial crisis–we were robbed, and the fuckheads that stole billions of dollars got away with it, and are STILL DOING IT.  The reaction of the American people?   Baaaaa…..  Mooooo….  

So, as a reminder, this this is how unflouridated people react to police brutality.   Im not for hurting cops, or anyone, unless they are doing wrong, in which case they ought to be stopped, whether or not they are wearing a uniform.  Stop cowering to a stupid uniform.  We are being trained to submit to authority, whether it is right or wrong.  It is still WE THE PEOPLE.


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