Welcome to the reservation…

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I have been very inspired by Indians.  I have read the works of George Catlin, who chronicled the last of the free indians before being decimated by the Europeans.  I highly recommend “American Experience: We Shall Remain”, a PBS production on the history of Indians.  No other people have ever been more human, lived more in touch with the natural world.   Not to overly romanticize them–they certainly were not perfect–but in terms of decency, freedom, strength of soul, I haven’t learned of any other culture  that matches them.  Russell Means, well-respected Indian activist, has given a thought-provoking interview.  In it, he says that we are all now, the entire United States, are  in a reservation.


WTF is wrong with this picture?

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If this doesn’t tell you there is something seriously wrong with the way we live our lives here in the US, I don’t know what does!  — 

A third of 9-month-olds obese or at risk of obesity – study

Come on people!  Nature is dying, we are fat and stupid and docile.  YOU LIVE IN THE MATRIX!  Wake up!  Detoxify yourself, put down the remote control and pick up a book!   We are being conditioned on a mass scale, literally like cattle on a factory farm.  We are in alot of danger and we need to wake up NOW!

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